Pepper’s 7 waterfalls in 7 hours tour

Emerald Pool

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View at least 7 spectacular waterfalls at 5 locations in Dominica

Visit Emerald Pool, Jaco Falls, Spanny Falls, Hidden Falls and our world famous Trafalgar Falls.

Bathe and relax at each of the waterfalls

Explore at least 7 stunning waterfalls at 5 locations in Dominica on this 7-hour tour from Roseau. Admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy bathing and relaxing at Emerald Pool, Jaco Falls, Spanny Falls, and Hidden Falls.

On this 7-hour tour from Roseau you will visit 5 locations in Dominica and see a minimum of waterfalls. Most of the waterfalls are located close together, and you can actually get to bathe and enjoy some time at each of the waterfalls. You will start at Emerald Pool and then continue on to Jaco Falls, an easy accessible waterfall that you can chose to walk down.

Afterwards you will visit Spanny Falls, which has 2 waterfalls. Here you can view the first waterfall after a 20-25 minute walk; however the second one is a little more challenging. You have to climb up the mountain by holding a rope and the roots of the surrounding trees – but it is easier than it sounds! Then you will visit the Hidden Falls, a very private location containing 4 waterfalls. Finally, we visit Trafalgar Falls the most popular site on the island which has 2 majestic waterfalls and the secret sulpur spas where you get to indulge, relax and smile.