Pepper’s Boiling Lake Tour



Pepper’s Boiling Lake Tour. This tour starts in the village of Laudat at Titou Gorge. It is usually an average of 6 hours, but can be much more depending on the weather. The first hour is basically a gradual walk which takes you across and up a gradual slope and a couple small up and down. Then, you arrive at the Breakfast River.

By the way, it is called Breakfast River, because before persons travelling to Roseau from Rosalie, Grand Fond and the villages from the East, would use The Freshwater Lake Trail and stop along this particular river for breakfast. So, the river became known as Breakfast River.

Then, at least where I am concern, the hike starts when you walk up Morne Nichols which brings no to the highest point of the hike. Afterwards, you walk down and go across through the Valley of Desolation and continue through to the lake.

I believe why my pass guests have chosen me, is because I understand that everyone has to walk and hike at their own pace and actually get to enjoy the hike to Boiling Lake. So, you can dream about hiking to the Boiling Lake or you can actually enjoy the hike to the Lake with me. Remember, it is better with Pepper.

Rates vary from private to group. Please state how many persons and a quotation will be given to you.

All tours Children pay 1/2 price.

Refreshments Includes local beers, rum punch, sodas and water
Transport Bus
Guide Yes
Entry Fee Yes